Raindrops Footie Lavendar


Made with the softest cotton, the Raindrop Footie turns a rainy day into a warm and cozy one!  Fresh and colorful, there's no rain in the forecast with this Geo Drops print! With our time saving Easy Magnetic Close technology, the outfit practically dresses itself, which is great for new moms and dads during night changings!

  • Makes your life easier!
  • Magnetic-fastening technology gets baby dressed and warm in seconds!
  • Fun and flexible for rolling, crawling, and adventure
  • Mitten cuffs on NB & 3M sizes
  • 100% soft & gentle natural cotton
  • A baby shower gift your friends will love!
  • Machine wash (see below)
  1. Close fasteners before wash and dry
  2. Machine wash cold with like colors
  3. Dry with full load on low
  4. Dry for 30 minutes maximum
  5. Line dry is garment's still damp

Easy=Magnetic Close is available for purchase at:

*Never wash your E=MC2 garment in an industrial or commercial dryer.  And definitely no bleach.  (Failure to follow instructions may damage garment and void warranty).*